Have the exclusive world of you

You are in my heart is a law, a forever irreplaceable strong point, will never again and any all to compare, this concept is an eternal law, nuskin hong kong cannot be left to right, is the center point, the starting point for you in my hand, and on the extension is not an end, the absolute value of every point are absolute.

Burning hot summer fleeting, breeze arm in sorrow, falling water, bitter, waving goodbye the Kuo dry heat, but welcomed another JiQiu lovesickness. Deciduous, careless, lean on a railing to see geese word cool my solitary zero, dancing eyes of tears, blurred in the smoke, I miss you that tore heart pain in the heart, and there is no expression of the deep with sunset is elegant, only in the lonely wind Qin Yun, caresses softly, a paper tears that comes as ink, write down my thousands of acacia. Yi xian, heart rain, cool in the quiet night, light mood, nu skin writing a paper in the world of mortals, the wind wave chardonnay later.

Writing ink, turned to tears, tears condensed, acacia rain, rain heartbroken, bowel around into a knot, interlocking, a buckle a hurt, the feelings of loneliness, hover is infinite, around all ache slightly miss, waiting for you in the light, once, a few silk cangmang, several degrees wounds cry. One song chords, shuttling between butterfly flower, blossom meimei notes are eternal yearning, tactfully, unmanned, acacia tear, fly with flowers, empty hang down, the heart has been broken, and a season of rebirth, count acacia exponentially, mottled deficiency, sad and painful heart, acacia purdah, an inch of sorrow of in the heart, heart is covered with the emotions of frost and dew, whisper, floral waning moon in the mirror, who is heartbroken stranded the fragrance that quarter?

Wounds completion is margin of flowers, flowers, the flowers bloom in the cycle of, would you appear in my eyes, parting, leisurely in the world of mortals, you is I can't lock scenery, distant time in deep, I hid a about waiting for the heart, flower not fall, autumn is cool, not for a month before the flower, the wind does not stop, the rain tick, a few JueQiu words in heart.

Trust in with the Windows autumn, expecting to thin the rain outside the window into moving the butterfly, flew into your lights decayed drunk in the dream, rubbing his leaf of sweet heart, tell me thinking of you, in that the dream of colorful petals, there are memories of joy, in teary ending this season, leaving traces of the wind and rain let it rain in the swirling, actors in acacia tears ideas. Thoughts dust dream wan flower dance, colorful butterfly fluttering heart breeze, red sleeve add fragrant, old song company, I was in you come, you don't come I still in, tianya, chi, remote valentine wish oft tea on Monday, melancholy this delusion, string on the imperfect, heart open for you, a single thin film, love for you to observe, a state of mind, and fill the eye socket, blown up in my heart, porch window dark solitary garden, moonlight shadow inclined implicit ground.

Past lives, you meet me in the way of reincarnation, that moment, I will remember your face, deeply engraved in belong to you and me on the afterlife softly; I encountered this life, you and I together in text sadness, glance, I in the tang poetry in the begging you will be looking at your shadow; dream belongs to you my watch in silence. The world of mortals have you, even if miss into the sea, I don't feel sorrow; The world of mortals have you, even if in an instant. I don't feel regret, always believe that the completion of the emotion of love even if zero mud ground dust, still the same, this life full of smoke, embroidered on the sleeve of the wind thick acacia red line, from now on, make me a flower, blossom on the edge of the season, the silent for you, waiting for you!

Suddenly, the changes in temperature, seasonal changeover heart also in midsummer's night, and eyes are already send the mob of early autumn, stretch hand to touch the disc out amount of yearning, acacia tears deep, tianya bitter far, a wisp of leaf fall the autumn wind. The patches of fallen leaves, and the east flow, is stranded soul too long? Wounds or autumn blues is easy to make? Old smile still can smile, the fallen petal sad sad day, flowers blossom thanked eventually helpless, lost also vain, next season's flowering, can you will stay for me, wait for me?

The window the autumn wind, Que clear word, the silence on condensed heartbroken, sitting on a cup of coffee table, miss you met from the empty and Ren Chun, the autumn passed; the flower flowers, that how much the pain hidden deep inside the HuaYin, only, will your shadow ran aground in the memory, a few season flower falls, wait for a few season, dim and the sadness was yan, leaving only a sigh, sad the city disappointed. QingJian years, sing a song, the music the end of time, as a breeze compared thoughts like fireworks bloomed, flying in the most beautiful wenheim, qing row boat, came a que poetry incense leisurely, with a wisp of qing long dream, light grip days as a time of flocculant, QingJian makeup dot elegant discourse, I remain.

Red lights, string sound pathetic, you shake off chapter I of flourishing in the residual words and you book, white with a bleak longing, one thousand lines of tears, aficionado, string, flowers fall, fall three thousand chi bound, a feeling flower, a flower was buried, a house fly, qing string low turn, alluringly in palm is this even, bright moon flow. Talking, alone in the middle of the tender opening, it is not regret this life, a song of acacia, how much the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, read dial a string of time, just to go to a oft tea to end the meeting.

Back in time, the butterfly dream you can, some gorgeous some melancholy, some paranoid some swing. If for a reunion, if read from, depicting the small language, words into ruin, and tasting a cup of fragrant teas, read a roll of the blessed one listen to a song to sing, the sadness, melting in the spring sunshine is the most beautiful on that day, I use the word corroborated that the trace of it, pieces of memories, such as residual leaves falling with the wind, falls on my shoulders, all in my eyes, picked up a memory, but can't afford to pick up the lost in thoughts in the wind, to the silhouette, frames in the years tassel, long, long.

Compose a QuYanLi love, the rest were pain, sleeping in that time, dim and hurt the soul, sad sound, pointed to start out, the rain butterfly lovers, specific residual dream, dawn a roll of brahman alone after, the period of storage of pain, inlaid harp is long, life is short, fragrant flowers, art is always lives, ending time YanMai painful wounds, nu skin turning into scattered around sorrow, her tears, broken man im, lips red, rain brush wutong, tears wet her eyebrow, carmine, green rhyme butterfly lovers, the harp of ammunition, a song of acacia. Across the world of mortals, I hit a white, a little frown as snow, as long capsized, revolving around mountains to turn water, written in one thousand, just as you have a man gaze, with a simple mood to keep a promise, into your warm city, with each paragraph you have your time, may the word you are my legend, word you is I this life the same dependence, there is the company of your warm, weak water three thousand I only take a gourd ladle drink, want to enjoy your world, quiet read!

A wisp of spring breeze four seasons fragrance

Time quietly through the youth rings, the years gradually ran aground once story, like a dream, suddenly once again breathe the smell of spring. And I the lock on the brow of a wisp of spring breeze, already with the fragrance of flower leaf surface into my heart, nuskin hk it becomes the tip of the psalms.

"The west lake in March other makeup, pink patches of embroidered yuanyang. Poetry boiled ink easy road, a wisp of spring breeze four seasons fragrance." I stand alone in the march of the seasons, quiet dipped in a piece of the awaken of spring, dried into's elegant verse. Looking at dry vine old tree, in the twinkling of an eye again become full of vitality, I discovered that oneself originally could feel the taste of winter, the spring has brought a suit green, with a oft, standing in front of me.

I like march, because the march wind is gentle, the rain is warm march, march of cloud is wen wan... Of course also like march, because march is soft, because the lock in the brow of a wisp of spring breeze in spring season, friskier appears more and more fragrant.

In fact, I know, many people will ask, locked in my brow that a wisp of spring breeze is what kind of? Just calm down and listen to me one by one.

Lock in my brow the taste of spring breeze with confidence, let I to life is full of hope. Since the childhood, we experienced countless obstacles and setbacks, in our time and time again to overcome difficulties, and be encouraged, confident he was born in it. Also is not, of course, everyone can grow a self-confident personality, because some people are faced with difficulties, chose to escape, chose to give up, thus forming the cowardly character; Some people are too idealistic, expectations and confidence is the banner of holding a proud heart...

In my heart, self-confidence is open in the heart of a window, you can take the warmth of the sun, to dissipate the most life is rainy. World of mortals the changes of time, nuskin hk in the life always meet all kinds of difficult and unpleasant things, and confidence makes us brave to face the difficulties, let us at the time of failure supercilious, still with a strong determination to face the difficulties, to solve the problem. In my heart, self-confidence is the soul of a lamp, can be guided in the right direction, is to illuminate the darkness of life. Books have a road, to learning, self-confidence is not based on knows a lot of things, but can always be diligent to learn, don't understand the problems encountered in the future, don't knows nothing but pretends to know, but maintained a modest heart to seek the answer.

In my heart, self-confidence is not to boast, but with the real action to solve the difficulties and to face setbacks; In my heart, self-confidence is not stuck in the past, but in a "two heads are always better then one" attitude to learning and communication; In my heart, confidence is not good at calculation, but in a magnanimous mind communication with other people...

With a wisp of confidence in the spring breeze, the whole messy life smile in the world. Confident people are optimistic, and they can always laughter together; Confident people is bold, and always face various difficulties in life; Confident people are good at learning, do not understand the problems always active to study and explore; Confident people is strict, meet temptation and bullying can keep their own bottom line and principles; Confident people are not the person will not fail, but failed can also stand up keep on trying...

The spring breeze of the lock on my brow with the taste of freedom, let I to life is full of fantasy. For a long time, no matter at home or at school, whether in the network or in the society, I with a heart of infinite yearning for freedom in the forward and struggle. Although sometimes too much freedom, in the younger years away a lot of detours, do a lot of stupid things, but I know, that is free and happy heart has been no interruption.

If the time flow, free time, fighting for freedom of human beings, nuskin hk has entered the age of freedom. That's right, freedom of speech, eat live in freedom, freedom, freedom of marriage... These seemingly has made us free life. But is it true? In my opinion, these freedoms are not real freedom, this is the progress of the society, the freedom of the society. Such as the water in the rivers and the fish, the water can be free flowing to the sea, and the fish is to through untold hardships. Like freedom of speech, but said the wrong words, will offend others; Like to eat live free, but eating the wrong thing, get sick in hospital; Like in free, but in the wrong places, or seems laughable; Like the freedom of marriage, but choose the wrong man, will still tore heart crack lung.

It seems that many of the population is not the real freedom, also don't know how many liberalization become yourself, also don't know how much freedom to hurt others, also don't know how much free from sin. In the baptism of time, I slowly opened the veil of freedom, in the years of precipitation, I gradually saw what freedom. In fact, freedom is a kind of labor, because only have created their own wealth can decide the life that you want to; Freedom is a kind of wisdom, because only our own thoughts can decide a variety of choice; Freedom is a kind of constraint, because only learned to self management is a common recognition of freedom.

Tottering, rivers, enchanting, with a wisp of spring breeze at ease of freedom. Like as a passenger, through mountains, green water, don't go too much romantic affair. Perhaps, there will always be a place, will be the place where I settle down; Perhaps, there will always be a person, can let me to be happy in. But, I know that freedom will not stop the footsteps, and even the emergence of the family, love, and grow into a broader freedom...

The spring breeze of the lock on my brow with natural taste, can let me with the direction of the heart. People method, method of day, day tao, tao natural. That is people's behavior law, according to the variation of the earth to form the change law of land according to the operation law of the universe and form, the operating regulations under the laws of the universe and form, and take to the natural law itself. Is the law of nature is a kind of supreme, that what is nature?

In my heart, nature is the conversion of all things. The earth has the nature of the earth, the universe has the nature of the universe, and we have some nature. People naturally don't like the nature of nature, because man is a thinking, people have a problem, can make a different response. Met with thunder and rain umbrellas or in the rain, will cover your ear or as if nothing happened, met with praise dangers are afraid or brave, will be happy or proud... So, I was thinking, maybe everyone so-called natural and can be different, but as a person, our nature is always contain within certain rules.

Most of the time a lot of things, I try to do one thing, but not necessarily can harvest to return; Most of the time a lot of people, my heart to treat, but not necessarily be able to get the corresponding treatment. After the time and effort to get and lose, I gradually understand, in fact, a lot of things, and by themselves for half and half to give up on your own. So, nuskin hk for me, nature is perseverance, faith, fight for the win, natural and life calmly and do to give up this give up. This is my idea of a natural, of course, that you have in mind how natural?

Fate samsara, man can conquer nature, with a wisp of natural spring breeze cultivate one's morality raises a gender. For a long time, I used to do a man of the wind light cloud light, not to do too much controversy for the noise of the earth, but they will struggle for their dreams struggle, maintain their proper principle and position. Should learn to face calmly to the vicissitudes of life, also want to learn to strong face yourself to the goal. Perhaps, some things we cannot get all the time, but we can also accept everything quiet; Perhaps, some things we never give up, but we can also take all quiet. Because the world of nature is not to disturb others, but to write his own world beautiful scenery...

That is locked in my brow of a wisp of spring breeze, I believe that one day, in the baptism of the time and years of carve, a self-confident heart that will be the world's most beautiful flowers, the heart of freedom will be open to the world the most fragrant flowers, and that one natural attitude will keep the flower to the farthest in the future.

Time to boil the rain and low years, life in flow becomes empty, the precipitation in the heart, into my life a wisp of spring breeze, the lock on my brow, will always accompany me, warm and the four seasons of my life.

Blossom into the sea

The branches green year after year out of the window, the lotus in the pool also opened the season after season. Time flies, falling silent. In a twinkling, the school life is full of green grass flavor in the pen and paper converting offered a bit by bit.

Suddenly like a not willing to give up, want to tightly grasp the last time in school.

Remember when I was a child always looking forward to grow up, yearning for freedom. And when we really grow up, we will in every day say to yourself a happy holiday. Now, we did away from home, have freedom. But always thinking about when to have a vacation, back to home, see mom and dad.

Do you remember when is the last time you hide and seek? Do you remember when was the, you are not playing cat and mouse game. Maybe it can't remember it. Perhaps you remember you have the joy of the first pair of high heels. When very hot hair.

To be honest, you are afraid to leave end of campus life? I think I'm scared, I was afraid to leave campus. I don't know what will be in the unknown world. Although I often tell myself that everything is fine. But in the face of the upcoming things, people always look forward, wanders.

May be time to walk too fast, also perhaps we walk so slowly.

I quietly with closed eyes, sat in the sun. Feel the stroke of the wind and the smell of flowers. Listen to the footsteps passing from me. Everything is so harmonious.

The sparrows on the tree or exult, small roadside flowers are beautiful, many people will be passing on a left, and the hills avenue, the girl reading a book is still there. In the lotus pond fish still leisurely swim, only the willow trees swaying in the wind, as if he were telling the story of parting. The setting sun is just passing by. All these all fall in the heart.

We really grow up, we began to did not have the shelter of parents, became more and more far. We started wondering how to sell yourself, how in a beautiful city will be well settled. In fact, we know that, then everything will come. However, we don't know what will be in the not far away waiting for us.

I think, in our hearts those small seeds, waiting for our watering fertilizer, and then one day flower into the sea.

The scar as a dimple

Tolstoy said: "a happy family is always similar, while unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Unfortunately this cannot compare HKUE ENG, each family has its own sorrow. In today's reality, you put the sadness said out, is nowhere.

"Needle less than you, you will not feel pain."

Stark said to others see, hope to get aid, like already scabby bandaged wound, then divide the bandage, let others see, beg for free treatment. At that moment, we endure misery and struggle, has been maligned by the sky stories of risks, the bandage, the half that tried to seize by free treatment of hope culturelle.

Won't water fall into the water, will only blind, much is one half effort to catch the hope of survival. To live! To live! To give up everything has nothing to do with the living. Grace, shame on you...

Someone asked: "what do you think to write affectation cute?"

We disclose their wounds, don't let others go to the authenticity, not deliberately to move people. Unfortunately, this is just their own people not feel sorrow culturelle.

Bitterness and happiness is private ownership

"Don't want to let you see my face, unless, that is, give it to me at the same time also can give me dignity."

My watch

At the moment the valuable things, but never does not belong to me, high-minded it, HKUE amec out of the mud without dye, zhuo QingLian without demon, white skin, transparent glass, it does not belong to me.

Is it is me, I am just accidentally forget it, I lost it HKUE ENG, now fall? White it now yet?

Heart tired Look empty, I'm going to get! Belong to me a person's table.

A man waiting for me to let it shine in the table, eyes wide HKUE ENG, memories are all your dark needle plate, have belong to me, blame me blame me

Does not back to you, for fear of regret, for fear of looking.

Late at night, you are sending out the faint light Dream beauty pro hard sell, I am silent, you are still in the dark corner, till I make you recover, we like across the glass.

My watch. My table!


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