Have the exclusive world of you

You are in my heart is a law, a forever irreplaceable strong point, will never again and any all to compare, this concept is an eternal law, nuskin hong kong cannot be left to right, is the center point, the starting point for you in my hand, and on the extension is not an end, the absolute value of every point are absolute.

Burning hot summer fleeting, breeze arm in sorrow, falling water, bitter, waving goodbye the Kuo dry heat, but welcomed another JiQiu lovesickness. Deciduous, careless, lean on a railing to see geese word cool my solitary zero, dancing eyes of tears, blurred in the smoke, I miss you that tore heart pain in the heart, and there is no expression of the deep with sunset is elegant, only in the lonely wind Qin Yun, caresses softly, a paper tears that comes as ink, write down my thousands of acacia. Yi xian, heart rain, cool in the quiet night, light mood, nu skin writing a paper in the world of mortals, the wind wave chardonnay later.

Writing ink, turned to tears, tears condensed, acacia rain, rain heartbroken, bowel around into a knot, interlocking, a buckle a hurt, the feelings of loneliness, hover is infinite, around all ache slightly miss, waiting for you in the light, once, a few silk cangmang, several degrees wounds cry. One song chords, shuttling between butterfly flower, blossom meimei notes are eternal yearning, tactfully, unmanned, acacia tear, fly with flowers, empty hang down, the heart has been broken, and a season of rebirth, count acacia exponentially, mottled deficiency, sad and painful heart, acacia purdah, an inch of sorrow of in the heart, heart is covered with the emotions of frost and dew, whisper, floral waning moon in the mirror, who is heartbroken stranded the fragrance that quarter?

Wounds completion is margin of flowers, flowers, the flowers bloom in the cycle of, would you appear in my eyes, parting, leisurely in the world of mortals, you is I can't lock scenery, distant time in deep, I hid a about waiting for the heart, flower not fall, autumn is cool, not for a month before the flower, the wind does not stop, the rain tick, a few JueQiu words in heart.

Trust in with the Windows autumn, expecting to thin the rain outside the window into moving the butterfly, flew into your lights decayed drunk in the dream, rubbing his leaf of sweet heart, tell me thinking of you, in that the dream of colorful petals, there are memories of joy, in teary ending this season, leaving traces of the wind and rain let it rain in the swirling, actors in acacia tears ideas. Thoughts dust dream wan flower dance, colorful butterfly fluttering heart breeze, red sleeve add fragrant, old song company, I was in you come, you don't come I still in, tianya, chi, remote valentine wish oft tea on Monday, melancholy this delusion, string on the imperfect, heart open for you, a single thin film, love for you to observe, a state of mind, and fill the eye socket, blown up in my heart, porch window dark solitary garden, moonlight shadow inclined implicit ground.

Past lives, you meet me in the way of reincarnation, that moment, I will remember your face, deeply engraved in belong to you and me on the afterlife softly; I encountered this life, you and I together in text sadness, glance, I in the tang poetry in the begging you will be looking at your shadow; dream belongs to you my watch in silence. The world of mortals have you, even if miss into the sea, I don't feel sorrow; The world of mortals have you, even if in an instant. I don't feel regret, always believe that the completion of the emotion of love even if zero mud ground dust, still the same, this life full of smoke, embroidered on the sleeve of the wind thick acacia red line, from now on, make me a flower, blossom on the edge of the season, the silent for you, waiting for you!

Suddenly, the changes in temperature, seasonal changeover heart also in midsummer's night, and eyes are already send the mob of early autumn, stretch hand to touch the disc out amount of yearning, acacia tears deep, tianya bitter far, a wisp of leaf fall the autumn wind. The patches of fallen leaves, and the east flow, is stranded soul too long? Wounds or autumn blues is easy to make? Old smile still can smile, the fallen petal sad sad day, flowers blossom thanked eventually helpless, lost also vain, next season's flowering, can you will stay for me, wait for me?

The window the autumn wind, Que clear word, the silence on condensed heartbroken, sitting on a cup of coffee table, miss you met from the empty and Ren Chun, the autumn passed; the flower flowers, that how much the pain hidden deep inside the HuaYin, only, will your shadow ran aground in the memory, a few season flower falls, wait for a few season, dim and the sadness was yan, leaving only a sigh, sad the city disappointed. QingJian years, sing a song, the music the end of time, as a breeze compared thoughts like fireworks bloomed, flying in the most beautiful wenheim, qing row boat, came a que poetry incense leisurely, with a wisp of qing long dream, light grip days as a time of flocculant, QingJian makeup dot elegant discourse, I remain.

Red lights, string sound pathetic, you shake off chapter I of flourishing in the residual words and you book, white with a bleak longing, one thousand lines of tears, aficionado, string, flowers fall, fall three thousand chi bound, a feeling flower, a flower was buried, a house fly, qing string low turn, alluringly in palm is this even, bright moon flow. Talking, alone in the middle of the tender opening, it is not regret this life, a song of acacia, how much the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, read dial a string of time, just to go to a oft tea to end the meeting.

Back in time, the butterfly dream you can, some gorgeous some melancholy, some paranoid some swing. If for a reunion, if read from, depicting the small language, words into ruin, and tasting a cup of fragrant teas, read a roll of the blessed one listen to a song to sing, the sadness, melting in the spring sunshine is the most beautiful on that day, I use the word corroborated that the trace of it, pieces of memories, such as residual leaves falling with the wind, falls on my shoulders, all in my eyes, picked up a memory, but can't afford to pick up the lost in thoughts in the wind, to the silhouette, frames in the years tassel, long, long.

Compose a QuYanLi love, the rest were pain, sleeping in that time, dim and hurt the soul, sad sound, pointed to start out, the rain butterfly lovers, specific residual dream, dawn a roll of brahman alone after, the period of storage of pain, inlaid harp is long, life is short, fragrant flowers, art is always lives, ending time YanMai painful wounds, nu skin turning into scattered around sorrow, her tears, broken man im, lips red, rain brush wutong, tears wet her eyebrow, carmine, green rhyme butterfly lovers, the harp of ammunition, a song of acacia. Across the world of mortals, I hit a white, a little frown as snow, as long capsized, revolving around mountains to turn water, written in one thousand, just as you have a man gaze, with a simple mood to keep a promise, into your warm city, with each paragraph you have your time, may the word you are my legend, word you is I this life the same dependence, there is the company of your warm, weak water three thousand I only take a gourd ladle drink, want to enjoy your world, quiet read!


每次向朋友介紹家鄉綏江時,總會情不自禁地提起石灰包穀粑,這種家鄉特產小吃,儼然成為家鄉的一種代言產品,寄託了我對家鄉,adjustable desk對親人無限的牽掛和依戀。

家鄉盛產包穀,聰明智慧的家鄉人就地取材,把一粒粒粗糙堅硬的包穀籽和石灰這兩樣似乎毫無關聯的東西,製作成糯軟香甜、婦孺皆知的石灰包穀粑。對我而言,往往直接等同于母親的愛和親情的溫暖,adjustable desk成為我童年最鮮活最快樂的定格。


母親燒一大鍋水,待水沸騰時,electrical desk放入幾把潔白如雪的石灰攪拌,再倒入兩升幹包穀籽。皺褶乾癟的包穀籽經過沸水的滋潤,慢慢變得飽滿晶瑩,在鍋裡上下翻騰跳躍,發出“咕嘟……咕嘟……”的聲音,像一個個歡快的音符。爐灶裡的柴火“劈啪……劈啪……”地爆著,構成了一曲和諧的天籟。










The dawn of the dawn

Blowing warm Feng, I still take chrysanthemum Spring Moon, looked up a pale temples, latent grip hoe Lei Man, hidden in the Zhongnan mountain, Zuiwo chair bar, admire catkins Fen Yang stranger, watching the sunset c.. The Spring Creek trickling sluggishly flowing, Huanhua quietly drifting, beautiful butterflies shuttling bamboo, stay in a stained with the dawn of Chrysanthemum indicum hong kong company register, moss covered speeds by cinnabar, he stroked his beard live through a thing of the past. The boat, and the wind was blowing and drifting, dirty clothes, casual eaves flowers into the film, feeling but it mildly Qing Yue xiu. I review history to give a pleasant smile of a woman, forever fixed in yellow lost a.

See the ink brush to aestheticism, mildly melodious rhythm, silently Mosuo between the lines revealed a strong literary gas, as if through the distant country, saw a dressed in white, with a folding fan, uninhibited, free river rafting jiggle, chanting the Psalms, Gough graceful movement, not for world tour of this tired, rest assured Green Mei, listening to the wind month, a pot of wine residue, a lifetime, magnanimous, not for fame Lee bunk as bow. The soul walks, Jiu and ethereal Juan Che night, registration of company in Hong Kong pan falls in the blue and white butterfly rhyme delicate time, when the real gold Jirong through leaks in the sand of time, the passage of time, leaving many gorgeous poem.

Li Bai Zuibi romantic feelings, about half of the country, and I want to touch the heart hide the fragile string with inspiration, the wings of dream chasing, in everlasting mythology, looking for trace left, it is the most gorgeous autumn poems in a dense ink incense paper lady Ahna, rippling in the dance, scattered in the nutmeg shallow dimples, circulating in the Dai makeup makeup smile, like a few very weak against the morning sun, but like the crown drying play out of the moon, a grand fireworks bloomed, Cui the whole history of the sky, the world treatment of view, Zhen, Xiang Fu rich peony, Business Registry Hong Kong enchanting semi city.

Cut a candlelight, an elegiac scroll that silk faille, wearing a curtain, and a paper attached to ink, calligraphy linger, dense Han Yuan, acacia, with poetry. Since the boundless, fragrance, gorgeous thousands years. A symbol of war in ancient China to congeal chanafanghua, things of romantic themes, sweet entangles the sleeve, a solo, string off the wounded, and thousands of sound que. Obscure handwriting, pan Huang Shishi, on paper, Yayun aestheticism, filled atrium, warm up ink. "Shuyinghengxie Qingqian water, floating on the evening Anxiang", this delicate delicate pen, depicts how the water moon have a blurred vision, like a dim and graceful.

Ancient ink so beautiful, so shocked my heart indifferent temperament, attachment, search memory breath into the dream gap -- moonlight, I rocked Lan Zhou, Fang Qiuye, Dangqi ripples, in the elegant ink flying wave sprinkled revel in my heart......

The Jordanian terrorist suspect Abu Qatada was refused bail

The radical cleric has been in and out of British prisons since 2002 as he fights successive government attempts to send him to Jordan, craft cubes where he has been convicted of terror charges in his absence.

To ministers' horror he was released from his latest stint in jail in November, but was arrested again in March for allegedly breaching his bail conditions.

A judge at Britain's Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) ruled on Monday that the preacher, once dubbed Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, should remain in custody.

"There is no doubt about the national security threat which the appellant presents," judge Stephen Irwin said.

"This appellant has in the past fled in order to avoid a court order, equipping himself with a false passport.

"He is highly intelligent, has a range of sympathetic and supportive contacts, and his risk to national security is undiminished.

"We reject the submission that he can, even now, be relied on to comply with his legal obligations and not to attempt to abscond."

In a surprise move earlier this month, Abu Qatada's lawyer told the court the preacher would return to Jordan voluntarily if its parliament ratifies a treaty barring the use of evidence obtained by torture.

The issue is at the heart of Britain's long struggle to deport him to Jordan, where he faces a likely retrial over his alleged involvement in the planning of terrorist attacks.

Last year the European Court of Human Rights blocked his deportation due to fears that evidence obtained through torture would be used against him in the new trial Warm White LED Bulb.

SIAC ruled in November that he could be released despite posing a risk to national security.

However, the cleric was sent back to jail in March after a stash of mobile phones, computer memory sticks and other digital devices were found in his home in what Irwin said was a "significant" breach of his bail conditions.

Government lawyer Robin Tam said a USB stick found in the bedroom of Abu Qatada's eldest son had contained schoolwork but also "jihadist files" including references to al-Qaeda.

Abu Qatada had admitted breaching bail conditions which prevent him from turning on mobile phones or possessing other communication devices at his taxpayer-funded home in London.

But he claimed that he did not use the phones, spa hong kong several of which belonged to his wife and children.

Abu Qatada's lawyer Daniel Friedman had told SIAC that ahead of his return to Jordan, his client "wants to spend time with his family to prepare to leave the country in a manner that safeguards the dignity and security of all involved".

Britain's interior ministry described Abu Qatada as "dangerous" and said it was pleased he had been denied bail.

"The best place for him is behind bars until he can be lawfully removed from the UK," the Home Office said in a Twitter post.

"The government remains committed to securing Abu Qatada's deportation as quickly as possible."

Sexual assault

Police received the complaint from the woman that she had been sexually assaulted in the Maitai Valley area on February 15.

Following publicity about the alleged incident, a man came forward to police to assist with their investigation.

It has been subsequently established that the woman's claim she had been sexually assaulted was not true.

Detective Senior Sergeant Wayne McCoy says complaints such as sexual assaults always receive priority and significant time and resources have been tied up investigating the complaints.

"To receive a false complaint is disappointing on several fronts. Resources that could have been used investigating other genuine complaints had been tied up and on top of that the public of Nelson have been led to believe they should be fearful for their safety."

Det Sen Sgt McCoy said the 21-year-old woman would be summonsed for making a false complaint to police.

Police are continuing to investigate two other sexual assaults in the Bridge Street and Queen's Gardens area of Nelson.


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