The Jordanian terrorist suspect Abu Qatada was refused bail

The radical cleric has been in and out of British prisons since 2002 as he fights successive government attempts to send him to Jordan, craft cubes where he has been convicted of terror charges in his absence.

To ministers' horror he was released from his latest stint in jail in November, but was arrested again in March for allegedly breaching his bail conditions.

A judge at Britain's Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) ruled on Monday that the preacher, once dubbed Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, should remain in custody.

"There is no doubt about the national security threat which the appellant presents," judge Stephen Irwin said.

"This appellant has in the past fled in order to avoid a court order, equipping himself with a false passport.

"He is highly intelligent, has a range of sympathetic and supportive contacts, and his risk to national security is undiminished.

"We reject the submission that he can, even now, be relied on to comply with his legal obligations and not to attempt to abscond."

In a surprise move earlier this month, Abu Qatada's lawyer told the court the preacher would return to Jordan voluntarily if its parliament ratifies a treaty barring the use of evidence obtained by torture.

The issue is at the heart of Britain's long struggle to deport him to Jordan, where he faces a likely retrial over his alleged involvement in the planning of terrorist attacks.

Last year the European Court of Human Rights blocked his deportation due to fears that evidence obtained through torture would be used against him in the new trial Warm White LED Bulb.

SIAC ruled in November that he could be released despite posing a risk to national security.

However, the cleric was sent back to jail in March after a stash of mobile phones, computer memory sticks and other digital devices were found in his home in what Irwin said was a "significant" breach of his bail conditions.

Government lawyer Robin Tam said a USB stick found in the bedroom of Abu Qatada's eldest son had contained schoolwork but also "jihadist files" including references to al-Qaeda.

Abu Qatada had admitted breaching bail conditions which prevent him from turning on mobile phones or possessing other communication devices at his taxpayer-funded home in London.

But he claimed that he did not use the phones, spa hong kong several of which belonged to his wife and children.

Abu Qatada's lawyer Daniel Friedman had told SIAC that ahead of his return to Jordan, his client "wants to spend time with his family to prepare to leave the country in a manner that safeguards the dignity and security of all involved".

Britain's interior ministry described Abu Qatada as "dangerous" and said it was pleased he had been denied bail.

"The best place for him is behind bars until he can be lawfully removed from the UK," the Home Office said in a Twitter post.

"The government remains committed to securing Abu Qatada's deportation as quickly as possible."

Come back to see us is the greatest gift

Once a year's mother's day, the major businesses have the opportunity to play the "family card", a promotional activities and allowing more profits, merchants poster also did not forget to remind the public appreciate their mothers. Reporter visited found Coconut City Street, the children to the mother to express the mind of a variety of ways, but most of the mother said, children can often go home have a look is to give them the greatest gift.

Interviewee: we want the most is the children often go home to have a look

In an interview with the reporter understands, the children to express the mind in a variety of ways. Some in Haikou, foreigners will call or send SMS thanks to my mother, or online shopping gift for mother, also some people go home to accompany her mother, or travel with their parents.

Haikou citizens Wang Auntie told reporters, the children either way for her holiday, when the mother will be very happy. "What gift is not important, in fact, we want the most is the children often go home to have a look, and we talk, let us know that they too are good, so that we will be satisfied hk gift and premium."

An interview with reporters, hold the same idea and Aunt Wang people a lot, they said, "the children don't need to buy a gift for us, as long as it can often go home to have a look, we ratio what all happy, come back to see us is to give us the greatest gift hk gift premium fair."

Woman: although only a small gift flowers, but carrying my mind

Taobao index shows, 11 days of "mother's Day" a word search up to 52178 passengers, 5 times a week ago. Nearly a week Taobao transactions 1030000 pen flowers, carnations, accounted for 35.7%.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Haikou City Wen Zhuang Road shop to see, carnations and lilies are placed in a conspicuous place replace the roses. Many a flower shop owner introduction, a week before it has received orders for mother's day flowers. A shop owner said, mother's Day flowers dominated by Kang Naixin, the reservation price is 5 yuan / branch hk.premiumngifts.com.

"This is bought for mother." A 20 year-old woman with a bunch of carnations told reporters. The woman told reporters, she is Qionghai person, working in Haikou. General five one, eleven to return to Qionghai to see her parents, this mother's Day falls on a Sunday, so I want to go back to have a look my mother. "Although only a small gift, but carrying a piece of my mind hk gift and premium."

If political instability in decline

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned that the fall of his regime would produce a "domino effect" that would destabilise the region "for many years".

"The whole world knows that if Syria is partitioned, or if terrorist forces take control of the country, there will be direct contagion of the surrounding countries," he said in an interview with two Turkish media outlets cheap bedroom furniture.

"Then there would be a domino effect on countries perhaps far from the Middle East, to the west, east, north and south. This would mean instability for many years, even decades," he said.

Video of the interview, conducted earlier in the week, was posted on the Syrian presidency's Facebook page on Friday night.

In excerpts posted earlier in the week, Assad lashed out at the Arab League and its decision to hand Syria's seat to the opposition company registration samoa.

"The Arab League lacks legitimacy. It's a League that represents the Arab states, not the Arab people, so it can't grant or retract legitimacy."

The interview, with Turkey's Ulusal television and Aydinlik newspaper, focused extensively on Syria's ties with Ankara, which has backed the two-year uprising against his regime.

Damascus has regularly accused Ankara of financing, training and arming rebels fighting troops loyal to Assad. The UN says Turkey currently hosts more than 260,000 Syrian refugees Pambassador.

The UN says more than 70,000 people have been killed in a spiralling war that broke out in March 2011 after the army unleashed a crackdown on a peaceful revolt which morphed into an armed uprising.

Meanwhile, Syrian rebels seized a government checkpoint on a key highway from Damascus to the border with Jordan, as fighting intensifies on the outskirts of Damascus.

"Rebel fighters took control of the Umm al-Mayathin military checkpoint ... in Daraa province in clashes with regime forces," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

"Two fighters were killed and others wounded," the group added, saying there was no immediate word on any army casualties Claire Hsu.

The checkpoint lies close to the border with Jordan, along the main highway from Damascus. Rebels already control the town of Khirbet Ghazaleh, further north towards the capital.

Fierce fighting raged between troops and rebels in Daraya, southwest of the capital, with the Observatory also reporting shelling by the army of neighbouring Moadamiyet al-Sham.

The fighting in Daraya is part of a campaign by government forces to recapture areas on the outskirts of Damascus that rebels have been using as launchpads for attacks on the capital Shipping Forwarder.

Rebel forces also fired on both Aleppo International Airport and Neirab military airbase.

Rebels have laid siege to both since February, in a bid to disrupt the movement of military aircraft.

Nationwide, violence killed at least 36 people on Friday, said the Observatory, which relies on a network of activists and doctors inside Syria.

Sexual assault

Police received the complaint from the woman that she had been sexually assaulted in the Maitai Valley area on February 15.

Following publicity about the alleged incident, a man came forward to police to assist with their investigation.

It has been subsequently established that the woman's claim she had been sexually assaulted was not true.

Detective Senior Sergeant Wayne McCoy says complaints such as sexual assaults always receive priority and significant time and resources have been tied up investigating the complaints.

"To receive a false complaint is disappointing on several fronts. Resources that could have been used investigating other genuine complaints had been tied up and on top of that the public of Nelson have been led to believe they should be fearful for their safety."

Det Sen Sgt McCoy said the 21-year-old woman would be summonsed for making a false complaint to police.

Police are continuing to investigate two other sexual assaults in the Bridge Street and Queen's Gardens area of Nelson.


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